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Locations: TBA in Whitehorse YT, Sponsored by LDAY Centre | by... Marilyn Wardrop and Donna Cole Instructors

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August 8 - 11, 2017.

Take a look at the Free Trial Information for details about the Basic Concepts Training Course and all the valuable materials included in the course.

About OG Academic Math:

For some of your students, mathematics is a road travelled in small steps.

A successful multisensory approach will lead your student through small increments of understanding toward unifying themes in mathematics.

Orton-Gillingham Math = Your Students' Math Success!

Your students' strengths and needs will be recognized and addressed with built-in “checks for error," as well as a built-in system for building confidence and competence.

OG Academic Math is the "Key to Learning" for your struggling math students.

Fee Structure: Tuition and materials $567.00 US Funds. Check here for more information.


  1. Your Private Access Online Introductory Pre-course Study Program.
  2. A Guide to Success with Math The OG Math resource and course text based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach.
  3. Your personal Multisensory Math Kit available for pick up with your course text on the first day of your classroom course.
  4. ** One Full Year of Access to the OG Math Online Digital Program.
  5. Your personal student binder and all course handouts.
  6. **A 60 minute personal mentoring session with an OG Math Ambassador to provide OG Math implementation tips and answer your questions.
  7. Hands-on interactive classroom learning is the very best way to retain and implement knowledge! But we understand that some people cannot always attend the full 4 day course. There is an option to attend the first 2 days of the course and complete the course online. Steps for registration are the same. Please let us know here if you require this option and we will provide you with the necessary details for completion. More details.

Payment Plan:

An Optional Payment Plan will be available for a short time when registration opens. The payment plan option will end on May 10, 2017. Contact OG Math here if you have questions about the payment plan. Otherwise just choose the payment option as you register!

For location and accommodation details, contact LDA Yukon here

Marilyn Wardrop and Donna Cole  Instructors
Marilyn Wardrop and Donna Cole Instructors

We enjoy connecting with you.

Contact us with your questions or for more information here.

Course Contents

A Short Course Registration Overview
OG Math Training Overview and Materials FREE TRIAL
OG Math Class Supplies List FREE TRIAL
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